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The Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2015

Hi everyone, its Evie here,

As you know myself and another 8 apprentices from The Community Housing Group have been working hard over the past few months competing in the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2015 #BAC15

Friday 10th April was the deadline for submitting our evidence for the different events we have organised and taken part in.

Taking part in #BAC15 seemed like a great idea to do what I enjoy – promoting apprenticeships, relaying my journey so far and helping out in the community!

Reflecting on the past few months I have realised how much I have continued to grow my skills, improving on my organisation and communication and meeting very tight deadlines along the way.

It has been tough going at times, to co-ordinate and bring together our dynamic of apprentices that have been involved in the challenge, but it was 100% worth it to see the difference we have made in such a short amount of time.

On Wednesday 20th May I’m heading down to London to find out if we’re through to the finals of the competition, so wish us luck!

Thanks for reading and following our #BAC15 journey.

Speak soon,



Revisiting Purcell House #BAC15

Hi, Abbey here.

Earlier this month when we completed our community project we discovered that the printer in the I.T room at Purcell House had broken.

We decided between us that it would be beneficial for the residents to have a printer and took it upon ourselves to buy them a new one.

Yesterday, Tuesday 31st March as promised we returned to Purcell House to deliver a new printer. The residents were extremely grateful, and after a quick information session from Charlie, the residents were well away printing off bus times and other useful information.

Printer Information Session

Thanks for reading,


Year 9 Baxter College Assembly #BAC15

Hey everyone, Will here,

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, we have all been working hard to get our submission together. This hasn’t stopped us from continuing our mission to raise the awareness of apprenticeships though!

Following the Baxter College Business Class event held at our head office we were asked by the pupils to supply them with more information on apprenticeships, so on Tuesday 24th March I delivered a short assembly to the year nine pupils at Baxter College, giving them information on the benefits of apprenticeships, the different apprenticeships that are available at TCHG and within the Wyre Forest area and the different ways you can apply for apprenticeship vacancies.

Although I was very nervous the school were extremely appreciative and we received excellent feedback from the pupils so it was defiantly worth doing!

Will Ward Yr 9 Assembly

More updates coming soon,


Worcester Skills Show #BAC15

Hi everyone, Its Chelsea here.

Today I am going to tell you about the Worcestershire skills show event we participated in on Wednesday 18th March.

The event was a huge success and a great opportunity to raise awareness of apprenticeships. Over 700 students attended, this gave us the opportunity to explain what apprenticeships are, what they entail and their benefits. Parents also attended the event; this was great because we were able to share the information with them and therefore raising awareness even more!

We had multiple stands, including a general apprenticeship information stand, an interactive Grounds Maintenance ‘pot your own plant’, a Carpentry ‘hit the nail in the wood’ competition and a gas rig stand where the aim was to solve the puzzle which would release the compressed air and shoot the ball.

The feedback we received from the pupils, parents and the event organisers was excellent, everyone who attended the event enjoyed taking part in the challenges and found them a real eye opener,

The interactive stands were a great hit as this enabled the pupils to find out information in a fun way.

Worcs Skills Show Event

In other news Will presented in a school assembly on Tuesday 24th March – More information on that coming soon.

Thanks for reading,